8 November (Saturday) – 10:00 p.m.
Mała Warszawa
ul. Otwocka 14

Bester Quartet: In the beginning…

Twenty years after the premiere of the album Bereshit released by the iconic Tzadik label of John Zorn, the Bester Quartet returns to compositions inspired by the Book of Genesis. Jarosław Bester’s works dedicated to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov refer to classical instrumental forms in terms of structure, yet there is still room for the performers’ spectacular improvisations. During the concert, the Bester Quartet will be accompanied by special guests: Grażyna Auguścik, Piotr Lato and Mateusz Dudek. The concert will feature the premiere of a piece inspired by The Book of Job, composed by Jarosław Bester for the Eufonie Festival.

Programme of the concert
Jarosław Bester, Bereshit (Tzadik, New York, 2003, TZ 7183)

I. The Tree of Life (Ets Hayyim)

II. The Colours of the Heaven (Tsive Ha-Shamayyim)

III. The Migration of Souls (Gil Gul)

IV. Israel’s Tears (Dim’ot Tisrael)

V. A Devilish Tale (Sippuro Shel Shed)

VI. Transience (Holef)

VII. The Might of the Elements (‘Otsmat)

VIII. In the Beginning (Bereshit)


Jarosław Bester accordion

Dawid Lubowicz violin

Maciej Adamczak double bass

Ryszard Pałka drums, percussion

Grażyna Auguścik vokal

Piotr Lato clarinet

Mateusz Dudek accordion

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