Bester Quartet
Hustle and Bustle

1. Parisian Night
2. Scottish Wind
3. Streets of Drohobych
4. Snows of Lapland
5. Sun of Loreto
6. Jerusalem Hills
7.December in Belgrade
8. New York Hustle & Bustle


Jarosław Bester – accordion
Dawid Lubowicz – violin, mandolin
Maciej Adamczak – double bass
Ryszard Pałka – drums, vibraphone


The album is the twelfth album in the discography of the Bester Quartet (formerly The Cracow Klezmer Band). The studio recording contains eight new compositions by Jarosław Bester, prepared especially for the band’s 25th anniversary. The leader is accompanied by excellent instrumentalists who make up the current line-up of the quartet: Dawid Lubowicz (violin, mandolin), Maciej Adamczak (double bass) and Ryszard Pałka (drums, vibraphone). Sophisticated, daring improvisations, unique atmosphere of the composition, brilliant balance between genres and absolutely dazzling performance! In a word, everything that the outstanding accordionist, composer, arranger, founder and leader of the formation Jarosław Bester has been offering us for a quarter of a century. Tailored to the artistry, virtuosity and deep sensitivity of the musicians who make up the band.


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