Bester Quartet
Piazzolla Angels

1. Zita ( Astor Piazzolla)
2. Oblivion ( Astor Piazzolla)
3. La muerte del angel ( Astor Piazzolla)
4. Milonga del angel ( Astor Piazzolla)
5. Fracanapa ( Astor Piazzolla)
6. Resurrecction del angel ( Astor Piazzolla)
7. Las ciudades ( Astor Piazzolla)
8. Invierno porteno ( Astor Piazzolla)
9. Por una cabeza ( Carlos Gardel)



Jarosław Bester – accordion, arrangements
Dawid Lubowicz – violin, mandolin
Maciej Adamczak – double bass
Ryszard Pałka – drums, percussion



Beautiful tangos by Astor Piazzolla in an extraordinary arrangement by Jarosław Bester, performed by the Bester Quartet’s outstanding instrumentalists: Jarosław Bester (accordion), Dawid Lubowicz (violin, mandolin), Maciej Adamczak (double bass) and Ryszard Pałka (drums).

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) revolutionised the traditional tango (arousing criticism and resentment among conservative Argentinians) and gave the musical world an absolutely unique, avant-garde style – as he himself said, “the tango of the future”, which became a huge artistic inspiration, performed, listened to and admired in the most remote corners of the world. His original tango nuevo is a fusion of the long tradition of the Argentine tango – for Piazzolla the music of his roots – with elements of classical music and jazz. Like no one else, Piazzolla captured the angelic and demonic nature of the tango, conveying the fullness of its sensuality and passion, melancholy and drama, tenderness and wildness… The album features eight of Piazzolla’s compositions in thrilling arrangements and virtuosic performances, including the beautiful Angel cycle that gave the album its title – Milonga del Ángel, La Muerte del Ángel, and Resurrección del Ángel – as well as the compositions: Zita, Fracanapa, Las Ciudades, Oblivion, and Invierno Porteño (Winter in Buenos Aires, part of the Four Seasons cycle which refers to Vivaldi’s work) inspired by the composer’s beloved Buenos Aires, a city which Piazzolla referred to as his “third great teacher”, alongside Alberto Ginastera and the famous Nadia Boulanger. Finally… Por una cabeza, a composition by the Argentine tango classic Carlos Gardel, whom Piazzolla met and charmed with his playing as just a 13-year-old musician, and who was a great inspiration to him throughout his life.


Premiere of the album: 25.10.2021. Media patronage: Programme 2 of Polish Radio.