• Released
    Tzadik 2001
  • Catalog
    TZ 7157
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The Cracow Klezmer Band
The Warriors

1. The Warrior
2. Klezmer Caravan
3. Klezmer Rhapsody
4. The Prayer
5. The Amorous Dance of the Orchid
6. Memento Mori
7. The Fortress
8. Recollections of the Past


Jarosław Bester – accordion
Jarosław Tyrała – violin
Oleg Dyyak – accordion, clarinet, percussion
Wojciech Front – double bass


Another brilliant release by one of Europe’s most original and exciting avant-Klezmer ensembles.

Based in the historic city of Cracow, one of the last strongholds of Jewish life in Poland and home to one of the most important annual festivals of Jewish music in the world, this brilliant quartet blends the spontaneity of improvisation, the precision of classical music and the soul of the Jewish tradition.

Ever-surprising new music by this thrilling band of virtuosos.